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We focus on Ø20mm and under turned parts. Part length can be up to our bar feeder length of 12 feet. Swiss American has the ability to run larger ODs to accommodate customers with families of parts exceeding our Ø20mm norm including secondary operations.

On OD tolerances we typically recommend giving ±0.002” but based on customers’ needs we can hold as tight as ±0.0002” with outside grinding operations.

We are currently ISO 9001:2015 Certified and pursuing our AS9100D registration with expected completion in 2024.

We run single pieces to full production quantities of 50,000 – 100,000 pieces per year depending on each customer’s needs.  

We run single pieces to full production quantities of 50,000 – 100,000 pieces per year based on each customer’s needs.  

We typically run 4-6 weeks but that is entirely up to the part and quantities. This may increase with quantity, material, or outside processing. Lead time may also decrease when the quantities are lower, the materials are readily available, and the outside processing is minimal. 

We are both. Swiss American has a mix of repeat production components as well as customers calling for spot purchases. We are happy to review and quote your parts.

We specialize in machining, but we have long-term relationships with a variety of sources including but not limited to heat treatment, anodizing, passivation, gold plating, zinc plating, grinding, thread locker, chrome plating, gun drilling, black oxide, bonding, and thread rolling to name the most common processes. Each of the vendors selected will have their own ISO, AS, or NADCAP certification as required. We manage those processes and provide a finished part to our customer with the lead time listed in the quote. We align to customer’s needs and manage multiple customers’ overflow parts during their peak demand.

We are roughly one third aerospace, one third medical and the remaining third is a mix of industries.

Typically, a first order is COD upon completion. If you are a larger established company, we would agree to NET 30 with appropriate credit information.