Swiss American Screw Products was founded in 1960 by Roland Leist. A native of Switzerland, who was educated and skilled as a tool and die craftsman before coming to America – hence the name Swiss American. He has passed those skills and traits on to our talented and loyal work force. Our company was founded on the principles of Swiss machining –  a type of screw machine designed in the early 1800’s by the watch and clock industries of Switzerland.



Swiss American currently consists of 10,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space on 2 1/2 acres. We are located in southwestern Wayne County, just minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Our facility houses approximately twenty Swiss-style CNC machines and support equipment to complement our manufacturing requirements.

swiss american cross bow


In October of 2023, Swiss American chose to modernize our branding to better convey our long history of precision Swiss screw machine components and the Leist’s Swiss ancestry. Our original logo was a depiction of a crossbow, the symbol of Swiss independence and freedom. The symbol represents the story of William Tell, a 14th-century peasant who refused to yield to the Austrian authorities that ruled the region. Legend has it he was forced to shoot an apple off his son's head. He accomplished this through his focused skill and the precision instrument of his time – the crossbow.

This symbol of independence and precision remains in our new logo – the upward arrowhead shape having been launched by the bow, points heavenward like a compass, and suggests the point of a star. The rounded peaks of the A are reminiscent of the Swiss Alps, while the accompanying red bar echoes the red stripes of the US flag and the red Swiss flag and white cross. Through this brand we set our promise to each customer that we hold our longstanding commitment to precision, independence, humility, and honesty: the keys to quality partnerships.